Staying up for the Late Show

Today was a pretty extraordinary day for Larry & Joe!

Our head barista, Amanda, and myself got to head uptown to the Ed Sullivan Theater, home of the Late Show, to show David Letterman's assistants how to make him the perfect pot of Joe coffee for tapings.

In a late breaking development last week, Mr. Letterman was given, and apparently became enamored of our decaf -- Barrington Coffee Roasting Company's Decaf Estate Blend, to be precise. So enamored, in fact, that his staff enlisted Amanda & me to come in for a bit and tool around with their equipment until we found the method they can best and most easily use to closely approximate the coffee that we brew in-store.

After we achieved success (enjoy it, Dave & everybody!), we were treated to a tour of the control room, studio and green room. Of which, obviously, we took full advantage:

Amanda: So, tell me what it's like being married to Vincent D'Onofrio.

Meister: Oh, it's great, we have such a great relationship. Except one thing -- he doesn't really like coffee that much!

Disclaimer: I don't actually know if Vincent D'Onofrio likes coffee, and I also must admit that while I think it's a damned shame, we are not, in fact, married. Yet.

We didn't get the honor of meeting either Mr. Letterman or Paul Shaffer, whom I will say for the thousandth time I really love, but as long as they are happy and (de)caffeinated, I think both Amanda & I can be satisfied with the whole experience. Plus, I mean, really, we got to sit in the chairs!

So look for that blue mug in the future, and rest easily knowing that it's probably got something pretty good in it.