Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!

Didja ever wonder why people who work in coffee shops always anthropomorphize everything? Because we really do, almost constantly and in every shop I've ever worked. Nothing ever "belongs" on a shelf or in a drawer -- it "lives" there.

The best instance was the one day, during my long tenure at Espresso Royale (Boston, MA), that a sign featuring hand-drawn, dancing spoons, plates and cups appeared over the dishwashing sinks. Underneath the illustration were written detailed, sing-songy instructions on how to "Give us a bath!"

I, personally, am guilty of calling absolutely every machine or beverage in the store "buddy," or some irritating variation.

I mean really, how about this guy, am I right?! Lookin' sharp there, my man!

Hopefully, this in no way implies that espresso shots and demitasse spoons are my only "buddies," although sometimes I do start to wonder...