My other machine is a word processer

I'm actually on deadline at the moment (have I ever mentioned that in my other, secret life, I'm actually a journalist?), but here are a few quick updatey items:

  • Yesterday, I took and received a 94 on my Food Protection Exam, which means that I now know the safe temperatures at which to store a variety of perishable items (including pork!).

  • My good friend (and a spectacular barista) Gabe spent today competing in the Western Regional Barista Competition, and I can't wait to hear how he & his comrade Ryan did.

  • I bought a lovely new camera yesterday, so expect the photo quality here at the Press Pot to improve substantially in the near future (thank G-d).

  • T-minus four days to my first trip to Seattle, and I am bursting at the seams, basically. Although maybe I'm bursting at the seams because I had a breve the other day. It's hard to tell.

  • Ok, I hear the sound of a hundred editors tapping their fingers on their respective desks -- back to work, Meister.