Seattle Roundup

If I were to succinctly describe my time in coffee heaven, I would say that the biggest treat was finally meeting other people who are as crazy about this stuff as I am: Here on the East Coast, I feel like a bit of a wackadoo with all my enthusiasm for the almighty bean, but over there I probably seem a little more normal.

Not completely normal, mind you, but I'll take it.

By the Numbers:

  • Hours spent in airports: 6

  • Hours spent on planes: 11.5

  • Days spent in the city: a mere but satisfying 2

  • Cafes visited: a mere but satisfying 7

  • Cups of coffee consumed: a mere but satisfying 12

  • Of that number, this many were macchiatos: 4.5

  • ...and this many were straight ristretto shots: 6

  • Times I was too shy to ask any good questions: 3

  • Number of antique roasters we saw up close: 3

  • Times I mentioned my house having burnt down, despite it having been the 3-year fire-versary: 0!

Thanks a million to: the gang at Victrola for being so friendly and wonderful (and for pulling the best shots we had), the folks at Vita for letting us watch a batch or two get spit out of that beautiful Probat, Cass for showing us around, David Schomer for the mere fact that Vivace exists, JetBlue for 34 channels of DirectTV, and my boss for sending his sister & I out to learn a thing or two and get excited about coffee.

♥ This was my Victrola macchiato. Yum ♥