Hunka hunka burning coffee

I pretty seriously don't recommend spilling freshly-brewed coffee all over your paws, gang.

This being my second ever, java related second-degree burn, I like to think of it as a good time to reflect on a long, lucky career with coffee. Baristi everywhere have suffered many more and much larger hot liquid mishaps, and based on my complete lack of natural grace in every other arena of physical movement, I'll venture to say that somebody must be looking down on me all these many years. St. Drogo? 'zat you?

Also, this is my opportunity to remind myself not to be so durned stubborn when people offer advice about the treatment of incredible, searing pain just because I'm embarrassed at my own uncoordinated bumbling. If I had listened to every person who told me to put ice on the stupid thing...

Howdaya like that, JR: a public admission that you were right and I was wrong! Gee whiz!

Anyway, not the worst thing that's ever happened to anybody, for sure, but man, so much for working on my southpaw fastball this weekend.