Double shot

First Ounce of News: We're finally getting used to the split-shot portafilters again, thank goodness.

After much deliberation, my head barista & I had finally made the summertime decision to switch back to the split-bottom portafilters despite enjoying a year's worth of beautiful, bottomless pours.

Our motivation was simple: Splitters make iced drinks a cinch to whip up. Our satisfaction was limited: Splitters do not achieve remotely the viscosity or color of which the bottomless guys are capable.

Anyway, it took about 2 months, but I'm feeling really confident about the shots we're able to serve with the doubles again. My entire staff is getting great, thick, lush ristrettos with velvety chocolate and caramel notes. Hallelujah!

(There were pulled by Joe barista Emily.)


Second Ounce of News: Jon Stewart, of Daily Show fame, came into the store yesterday, joined by his very shy, very precious little son.

He was pretty much the highlight of my life.

(Oh, and Jon was very nice, too -- even if he did order an iced cappuccino.)