Things are great, more or Alessi

If a blog no one reads goes un-updated for an extended period of time and then an entry finally pops up, does anybody see it?

Sorry for the dead air, my little lattes, but there have been big doings around the Joe universe these days!

The new SoHo shop is up and running, and that's taken a big chunk of all of our energies lately. It's inside the new Alessi NYC flagship store, on Greene St (btwn Houston & Prince -- come visit!), so it has a totally different vibe from the other shops. I mean totally different. It's sort of like in Muppets From Space, when Gonzo's alien relatives come down to bring him home, and they're all sort-of-but-not-quite like him.

Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about.

Joe@Alessi's assistant manager, Cameron has a staring contest with one of our shiny new milk pitchers.

So anyway, that's that, and we're excited to see what happens with the store and with developing a whole new customer base. Fingers crossed!

In other big news, my job has officially changed from store manager to one of two company trainers, and I'm feeling so good about it that it's really affected pretty much every aspect of my life.

I mean, seriously, do you guys know how much I just simply love making good coffee? And teaching other people to make good coffee? And making jokes with customers, and giving them my full attention because I'm not too busy beating myself up over forgetting to order lemons?

Truly, I just freaking love it. It's totally awesome.

Expect things to be pretty sunny around here for a while, gang. Life is pretty great right now.