The Last Post of 2006

Several things!

  • Thanks to some extreme generosity and patience on the part of my friend and colleague Anne, I am now the proud owner of a working computer! Phew. Expect regular and verbose updates from now on, gentle readers!

  • The first trifecta of Joe video podcasts is up: Watch our own Josh describe home brew methods, and help visitors "navigate the grocery aisles" to find the perfect bean! Also, check out Sarah's instructional little number about peppermint mochas. Yum.

    Click the thumbnails for links to download and watch them at PodcastGO!

    There are still a couple to be edited and posted, so keep your eyes peeled for more steamy podcast action.

  • The Joe Holiday party was on the 17th, and everyone had a blast!

    Jess & Josh cozy up. Don't be shy, kids!

    Cameron and his fellow cueballs.

    My Favorites
    (More, but not many more, up at my Flickr. Sorry, I was too busy drinking to take pictures!)

    I feel truly blessed to work with such a fun, funny, smart, generous, lovely group of people. Happy Holidays, team Joe!

  • More about actual coffee next time -- I'm busy getting ready for my New Year's trip to Oklahoma (that's right -- Oklahoma!).

    The state is 69,960sq ft, and its highest point is 4,973ft (Black Mesa Mountain), and it was the last state in the union to legalize tattooing. Some wonderful folks from there include Clarence Nash (the voice of Donald Duck), Will Rogers, Megan Mullally, Ron Howard, Carrie Underwood, Bill Moyers and, most importantly, my boyfriend and his family.

    It's OK in OK!

  • Another to go

Happy Holidays, everybody!