Oh, dear.

Well, yesterday I had every intention of writing a catch-up entry, complete with (totally valid, I promise!) excuses as to why I am so far behind in my updates (which include news about a training session with a great new barista we have at Joe, a visit from an old friend currently making lightning on the West Coast, and some fun, coffee video podcasts we are working on over the next couple days).

And wouldn't you know it -- as I was in the process of uploading new photos, my hard drive totally keeled over. Gone. Kaput. Fried like so many donuts in a vat of grease. Fin. Adios amigos. Bad news.

Suffice it to say, the update I was planning no longer has any images to accompany it, and that's boring. But never fear -- I'll be back as soon as you can say maybe-Santa-will-bring-me-a-cheap-refurbished-MacBook.

In the meantime, you should probably watch this highlight reel from a Larry King Live interview with Liza Minnelli.