Fugghedaboud the Golden Globes

This evening I had the privilege of working with a fellow who wanted to improve his skills on his home machine, a Francis Francis X1.


His wife hired me as a Christmas gift, and it was a gift for both of us, if I may say so. My absolute favorite part of my job is teaching people whatever I happen to know about coffee.

I mean, naturally the first thing every single person needs to learn about coffee--as with most things--is that we don't know everything, but that it's an ongoing process of giving and being given. Teaching is a humbling, rewarding, exciting experience, and I learn the most about the work that I love when I get the opportunity to explain it in detail to someone else.

Tonight was especially wonderful because I got to spend an hour and a half with a non-professional who was just as excited about what I was saying as I was. "Cross-hatching? Cool!" You're right, it is cool! Let's make great coffee! His shots improved vastly in the time we spent together, and it was thrilling for both of us.

Student Driver

(Now accepting appointments for additional in-home gigs! Highlight of my life!)

Also, I'm still working on my tulip:

Two Lips

New latte art always gets me a little riled up, in a really good way. I wish I could develop my own designs, but I'm not brainy like that. It's kind of like knitting; Every pattern seems easy if someone else has it worked out already.

So, if you guys could keep coming up with new stuff for me to try, that would be awesome. Thanks!