No legs, No pants

So, I'm still hobbling around on a pair of bum legs.

According to my doctor, it may be upwards of two or three weeks before I can really be on my feet again (did I mention that a door fell on me? oh, yeah, so last week...), which, of course, is nothing short of a nightmare for a barista.

So I had a bit of cabin fever today -- it's really lonely and sad sitting at home alone all day worrying about, you know, money and pain and stuff -- so I limped over to Grumpy for a tea and a leg lift.

Still Laid Up

Thank goodness the ledges were free, because man, I am truly pathetic. Just so sad. If you see me on the street please try to refrain from making fun of the awkward way I'm walking. It was bad enough to get an eyeroll from Carson Kressley on the sidewalk coming home from the doctor this afternoon. I'm sorry, Carson! I don't mean to take up the whole walkway, it's just that I've got this really painful limp!

Anyway, just because I can't stand up behind the bar to serve customers doesn't mean I'm not still badgering everybody and making a nuisance of myself at the shops.

For instance, we switched back to bottomless portafilters at 13th St tonight, so I got to do a little shot work with Josh, manager of that store.

Pants or No Pants

So all three Joes are pantless, and I will be the first to admit I was opposed to it for a long time. This is our second time making this change, and while I was such a nudge about it before, I guess I'm into it now.

I mean, it makes me nervous, you know? I've spent all this time working with my staff and teaching pouted techniques, and to have to now go back and re-instruct everybody? These things aren't easy, and I don't want to be insulting to anybody about it, but I'm not going to let anybody use them willy-nilly before being properly shown how. And that's exhausting, especially since, you know, I sort of can't walk so well.

But I thought about it for a long time, and I've compared the shots between the stores (13th St is the only location that was still using splitters), and I made my peace with it. We can do it, we will do it, let's do it.

And the shots are already gorgeous.

Git 'Er Done

I feel pretty good about it, even if I'm not feeling great in general. And in the meantime, at least I'll be served some great coffee.