Beasts of the East

Anthropological Study #1: Coffee People and Their Strange Habits
Field Location: Beasts of the East "Barista Jam," Easton, PA
Dates of Study: 2/8 and 2/9, 2007

Most human societies have their own specific ways of breaking into smaller groups, usually linked by a common interest or profession (ie, cheerleaders). These smaller groups, when brought together in a controlled environment and left essentially to their own devices, will exhibit new, weird characteristics, rather unlike those of their mainstream peers.

Case in point: Coffee People

There were many strange people (Gimme! Coffee's Mike White, for example) and sights (the Easton, PA Pez Dispenser Museum), and a variety of brewed beverages were consumed over the two day exploration.

We witnessed them teaching one another and learning strange new rituals.

Tricky Nick

We observed several peculiar behaviors that seemed to be drug-related, although the subjects insisted it was only coffee.


On several occasions, we saw subjects staring intensely into what appeared to be metallic idols, seemingly unaware of their surroundings.


They drank many strange elixirs, some stimulants,


...and some depressants.

Rockin' Robin

Our findings are inconclusive, but we did enjoy some of their delicious ritual beverages, which were poured in abundance over the two-day study.


For your consideration, please inspect the further specemins in our Flickr photoset, located here.

Scientifically yours,
Drs. Abrahms and Michaelson, behavioral anthropologists