The past couple of days have been capital-E Exciting and capital-E Exhausting; training for the barista competition started (and finished) on Wednesday*; my sister had a baby on Thursday, I was sick for the better part of Friday, and yesterday my beau and I drove up to Massachusetts for the wedding of two old friends of mine.


Overall, a beautiful and wonderful and thrilling little while, but still, Phew!

We rolled back into town this evening in a snappy little rental car, as beat as the day is long—but it was certainly no fault of the lovely coffee we enjoyed before leaving Northampton.


Northampton Coffee is a cozy, spare little shop right outside of the heart of one of my favorite New England towns. Like Joe, NoHoCo (a nickname I'm certain I didn't coin and which probably boils the blood of the nice folks who work there) uses Barrington Coffee, and the patient fellows who work there let me snap a few pictures without much visible irritation.

The latte was rich, smooth and perfect—exactly what I needed before embarking on what would inadvertently become a nearly six hour journey home. I could use another one right about now, actually, but more likely I'll just finally toddle off to bed, not a moment too soon.

Congratulations to my sister, my dear friends Bob & Jason, and 100% good luck to everybody who actually is going to the MA- and NERBCs. I'm wicked jeal.

* By the way, I know, I'm sorry—I've decided not to compete in the NEBRC, despite having talked about it nonstop for, oh, what, four months? Five months? A long time. I'm a little disappointed, truth be told, but you know, life happens, my friends.