Chugga-chugga woo-woo! (Training)

Well, now that the Anna Nicole Smith paternity mystery is solved, there's little else for which I have want. Except, of course, to train, train, train!

Steaming Things Up

Hamad started with us at the Soho store about, what, two months ago? He and I had spent two nights training on espresso and milk, and he's obviously been practicing his little tail off. It pays!

Mid-Pour, 7.5oz Latte

And so, in honor of Anna and little Daniellyn, my main man Hamad poured this killer guy here:

Hamad's Small Latte

BAM! My job here is done! Go forth, make good coffee!

Coming soon: Joe road trip to Barrington Coffee Roasting Co! Seven baristas! One van! Coffees! Diner food! Mix CDs! Madness!

Stay tuned...