Oh, dear. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, my job has changed pretty dramatically over the past few weeks. I've been taken on as a part-time copy editor at a local magazine. Three days a week, I sit in a very low chair at a desk in a pod that faces a window through which the Statue of Liberty can be seen. Pretty cool!

Two out of the other four days of the week, however, you'll still find me with coffee under my nails, singing Stevie Wonder songs and talking people's ears off about the differences between flat and conical burr grinders.

And, of course, training.


Meet Caleb, my latest trainee and one heckuva nice guy, who also happens to know a thinger two about coffee.

Caleb Pouring, Bird's Eye View

(This guy pulled me a shot last week that I'm still talking about. The espresso was smooth and bright like ours is meant to be, but it had the most striking undertone of cloves. I mean, I tasted cloves for the whole rest of the day! It was awesome).

Beyond that, I don't have much else to offer. But if anyone has any ideas for where Brett & my wedding could be, send 'em my way because this "planning" nonsense is stressing my shit right out.

And last and most importantly of all, happy summer you guys!

(That's me & one of my colleagues, Josh, aboard Coney Island's fantastic, if life-threatening, wooden roller coaster, the Cyclone.)