Everyman Espresso for himself!

Friends, Romans, espresso-drinkers, I'd like to introduce you to the new kid on the block—specifically, the block of East 13th St just east of Fourth Ave.

Everyman Espresso, as clearly indicated on this cool sign! A picture of which I took with my cheesy camera phone because the battery in my camera is, embarrassingly, dead!

Everyman Espresso

Formerly an annex of Ninth Street Espresso and now under new ownership, the new Everyman Espresso is run by a lovely guy named Edmond—a longtime NSE barista who wanted to try his hand at small businessmanship. Not even a hiccup in production, Edmond took the reins and was making coffee the very day the signs changed.

Here he is making my espresso macchiato yesterday!

Everyman Edmond

And here's the finished product, which was built using a Counter Culture blend, and was the perfect coffee to enjoy…on my 15-minute break from Joe (true story!).

Everyman Macchiato

Meanwhile, Ninth Street is celebrating the opening of its Chelsea Market location! And everybody's happy.