Happy (early) Birthday to Me

There's been a lot of coffee-thoughts brewin' in my noggin'.

(Yes, brewin'. I know, I don't care, I liked it.)

So I've been thinking and thinking about the direction I want my for-now part-time coffee life to go, and how I want to remain committed to it and to learning new things, and then a little shot-timer went off and I realized that I want to do more cupping. By myself, with my staff, with total strangers, at parties, in the kitchen at my office—all the time, all kinds of coffee, let's cup the hell out of it.

So I bought myself an early birthday present: a ton of cupping supplies!

Cupping, aromatic seal #2

Spoons! Cups! The whole works! I feel like I just threw myself a surprise party at which there was a magician AND a Fudgie the Whale cake!

The best part is that the package will probably arrive before my actual birthday (August 31: send e-cards!), which means I can have a coffee party, which sounds like the only thing in the world better than the pizza-and-bowling shindig I had when I turned eight, at which I wore a side-ponytail and an oversize shirt designed with sparkly puff-paint.

Okay, I'll rein it in a little bit. But truth be told, I'm excited to have equipment of my own, to be able to do whatever I want with it, to have the freedom to spread the coffee word from here to Timbuktu.

I wonder what it would be like to cup in Timbuktu! I smell an adventure...