Put this in your Chemex and roast it

"It smells like someone is burning corn," my boss said this morning. "Why would someone be burning corn?"

That's not corn, I replied. That's me. Me and my Chemex and my 100% Yemen from Blue Bottle that I "borrowed" from the owner of Joe last night (Anne told me it was okay, Jonathan! I swear!).

It's a darker roast than I (or my coworkers, who are slowly discovering with their schnozzes that I have a coffee maker on my desk) am used to, but it's very clean and crisp, and though I would probably describe it as more fruity (in a deep way), I can see Noah's point on the roast. A lot of savory, vegetabley stuff going on, for sure.

I really have made myself prejudice against darker roasts, which is strange, because outside of the specialty world it seems that's nearly all that exists. It's true that my delicate composish can't withstand too-dark a roast (ask me about the time I learned that sad truth!), but pushing one's limits every so often doesn't always have to end in tragedy.

Anyway, the point is that it's weird to see myself becoming That Guy who brings in all these exotic-seeming single-origin coffees and uses a dorky electric teakettle and whose boss is driven slowly crazy because everything always smells like one thing or another.

Oh, well.