The biggish reveal

I would like to introduce you to the other thing in my life—besides the interstate travel and often-ten-hour-workdays—that has been keeping me occupied and my blog updateless.

(Don't be deceived by the utter simplicity of the website; it took me forever to build! Ha.)

For the past few years, my partner-in-percolation, Amanda, and I have been going into the homes of trusting coffee enthusiasts all over the five boroughs, showing them how to master their own machines, beans and palates. I quickly found it to be the most rewarding part of being a coffee professional: Not only because I know that each session means there is one less person choking down subpar espresso from expensive equipment capable of much more (hello, Silvia!), but also because it is one more person who will appreciate and seek out specialty coffee when not at home, to the benefit of everyone: from farmers all the way up to baristas—not to mention the coffee drinker him/herself.

There is nothing I love more than seeing a coffee novice's eyes light up during her first cupping, when you can just see her thinking, Wow, I really can taste freshly-ground black pepper!

Or watching someone's shots go from rusty-brown water to thick, mahogany-colored crema, and to hear him call into the living room: "Honey, come here! You've got to try this."

I respect coffee more and more every day, with every new thing I learn about it. Now it's time to spread the love. So we're stepping it up. We've organized, planned, dreamed and, yes, procrastinated, and we're ready for action.

Coffee lovers of the world, BIY has got your back!