Long-overdue update No. 1

Last week at this time, my husband and I were in the early stages of a 1,000-mile drive, starting in Las Vegas, NV, and ending in Bisbee, AZ, a small mining town just a whisper north of the Mexican border in the southeastern corner of the state.

During the trip, your coffee-loving friend Meister had at least one pleasant surprise: Late for the Train Coffee in Flagstaff.

The backstory is that our trip had started somewhat rockily, travel-wise. Scheduled to leave at 4:20pm, our flight actually took off at 6:30, putting us in town at roughly midnight our time. A kerfluffle at the car-rental agency made it closer to 1am EST by the time we were at our hotel and naturally, being in Sin City and all, we were in little rush to get to bed.

The next morning, we left Vegas super early (by that town's standards, anyway: we were on the road at the crack of 11am) to get on the road into Flagstaff, a roughly 250-mile drive. By the time we shambled into town (8pm or so), we were absolutely beat.

Saturday morning, we got up early again, as the road to Bisbee stretched a long 350 miles in front of us. While Brett was in the shower of our historic room in a haunted hotel, I wandered down the street, desperate for some coffee. Kitty-corner to our hotel sat bakery-slash-coffeeshop Late for the Train Coffee, sunlight streaming through the windows as though the angels were shining a spotlight. Hallelujah!

When I walked in the front door and heard the quiet frrrrffffffff of microfoam being aerated, I knew I was in the right place.

Late for the Train Coffee

It was a quiet morning, but I did manage to ask whether the shop roasts its own beans (yes) and learn what's in the incredibly smooth espresso blend (African, American and Indian coffees). I had to thank the fellow who made my drink for doing me the favor of helping me through my long-driving day; the latte he made me was, honestly, exquisite.

So thanks again, Late for the Train! My husband, the Arizona highways and the 7 million things I took pictures of that day thank you for keeping me awake, alert and content all day.

Sedona, AZ