Don't blame the copy editor

This story from a Time Out New York (my day job) of two weeks ago is one of the reasons it's hard being an undercover coffee professional in copy editor's clothing.

Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine $399
Meant to replace: daily $6 triple grande nonfat lattes

Even most department store coffee makers can produce a decent cup o’ joe, but this classy-looking setup has the goods to make drinks so fancy you’ll barely be able to pronounce them. It’s self-tamping, and pulls premeasured single and double shots with robotic accuracy so you’ll never have to worry about your drink being too strong, or—worse—too wimpy. The steam wand is essential for making lattes and cappuccinos, and a pair of boilers make it one of the fastest machines this side of Seattle. Since BMW DesignWorks created the look, you won’t mind leaving it out on the counter all the time—just make sure to send all aspiring screenwriters and grad students packing before you start brewing.

Available exclusively at starbucks.com

What can I say? Nobody asks me!