I think I might have heard the highway calling


I've been hesitant to make any posts in regard to my recent career move (oh, did you guys know I was making a career move? because I did), but yes, let it be known that I'm headed back into coffee, headfirst. I can't wait to get down & dirty. I mean, it was a very difficult decision for me—I really do enjoy my current job and I adore my colleagues—but here we are, coffee and I. It's just one of those romances. You know how it goes.

Once I am 100% sure I won't screw this up—you never know with me!—I will be more detailed. For know just know that I am incredibly pleased and proud to be starting a new chapter of my life with a group of people for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect. I just hate to be a jinx.

Also? I interviewed Liza Minnelli on the phone today. Life is great!

Enough about me—how are you??