Meet Meet the Press Pot

Friends, coffee lovers, colleagues, peers, neophytes, blog readers: Allow me to introduce you to the new Meet the Press Pot.

Jam-packed with interviews, field reports and man-on-the-street reactions to the coffee world's latest developments, this Meet the Press Pot sister site will be updated every Thursday-ish (Meister says with her fingers crossed) and will harmoniously coexist with the charming and lovable—if sporadic, one-sided and occasionally boring—original. If I may say so myself.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll caffeinate. Update your feed readers, and let's go!

PS: For those of you asking yourselves, "What's the difference?" I can tell you it's that the original Meet the Press Pot is a blogspot.com site, and the new one is with wordpress.com (meetthepresspot.blogspot.com vs. meetthepresspot.wordpress.com. Capisci?)