Giving myself the finger(s)

I would like to pose a burning question to you all. Well, not so much burning as cracking -- as in skin cracks, the painful little places on one's hands where the skin splits apart, usually as a result of overwashing and undermoisturizing (i.e., being a barista).

In the winter, the splits on my thumbs and index fingers especially are really terrible, and I've never been able to successfully prevent it from happening or treat my poor paws once it does. Does anybody else suffer from this, and are there any tried-and-true tips for going through winter without being covered in tiny finger Band-Aids? I've tried moisturizing like crazy, I've tried washing my hands less, I've tried sleeping while wearing gloves full of Vaseline, I've tried slathering the cuts with Neosporin -- nothing, nada, zilch. No improvement. Seriously, it is so annoying.

If you can suggest something that really works, I will send you some delicious coffee. Honest. Delicious coffee and my undying gratitude.