Movin' on up

In between concerted efforts to teach people all over New York City how to make great coffee, team Counter Culture NYC has been prepping like mad for our new training center's coming-out party in a few weeks:


The space is pretty big, and we're all pretty busy, so it's been coming together in fits and starts. But now that we have a deadline, we're getting a little frantic! Shelves are being hung, tools are being organized, weird coffee-grinder-shaped lamps are being cleaned and refurbished...

insane thrift store lamp filled with coffee!
(Photo by Liz Clayton)

...you know, the usual stuff.

But I forgot that it's just as hard to get an office really nicely set up as it is to get an apartment all set up. Painting, cleaning, organizing, figuring it all out. There are pieces of furniture that end up in a different place every day while we try to discover the best layout, and there are bags of coffee here there and everywhere. And to add to my coworkers' frustration, I'm totally the anal roommate. Not anal posting passive-aggressive notes about not eating other people's food, but you know. The tidying roommate. Constantly, constantly tidying. It's a nervous habit.

Anyway, this whole post is basically an excuse to share this picture of how that really cool bean invitation poster was made, because I just think it's the neatest:

Bean by bean

Stay tuned for more "Beautifying the training center" posts...