Sending help to Haiti

Friends, I know you've already done a lot: You've donated money, you've sent prayers and thoughts, you've passed the word on to other people to give whatever they can and to send help to those who are suffering in Haiti. I have been so moved by the kindnesses people are bestowing in this time of need, and I feel lucky to be reminded of new ways to help all the time. I want to share one of those ways with you now, if you don't mind.

My friends at Barrington Coffee Roasting Company have been working on a Haitian Highlands coffee project for several years. Their partnership with the coffee producers of Haiti on this endeavor has been close and meaningful, and of course this tragedy hits very close to home.

BCRC is very generously pledging to donate the proceeds of sales of the coffee that is born of this project to the Partners In Health Earthquake Relief program on the island.

Please think of this as a way to not only send aid quickly and effectively to those who need it, but also as a means of celebrating the fruits of some of the hard work, dedication and culture of Haiti's people, even as the chips are down.

Click here to buy this delicious coffee and to do a bit more to help our down-and-out neighbors. And, of course, there are many, many other fine organizations accepting donations, as well. None of us can give too much.