Sweetness, in 10g intervals

Oh, hello. Hi there. How's it going? Good, that's great to hear. I'm glad you're well and keeping busy -- me too! You know, this-n-that. What's that? What's new with me? Well, you know, not a whole lot: Just celebrated my second anniversary of working with Counter Culture Coffee, and recently started writing for Serious Eats a bit in my downtime…

Oh! And I got this great present I can't wait to tell you about! It's the sweetest little coffee scoop; my best friends got it for me while they were visiting Japan!

Doesn't it just make you want to scoop the heck out of some beans, 10g at a time? It does me. I want to scoop them straight into my perfect little Hario hand grinder and crush them beyond recognition, and then I want to extract the living daylights out of them until there's some delicious magic going on in my cup.

It also makes me wish I could read any Japanese at all, so that when I shared the link from whence this scoop came I could at least tell you something about the company or the website or, well, anything relevant at all.

In any event, I think it was one of the sweetest little things I've ever gotten in the mail. Happy (early) birthday to me!