Cleaning machines, powered by Brooklyn Brewery

It's after 3am, and I rolled on home from the First Semi-Annual Joe Cleaning Party about 20 minutes ago. Is that a sign of success? I'd like to think so!

James & Derek assess the fridge situation.

We broke up into teams -- Derek & James behind the counter, Esther in charge of the hallway, Mary Jane managing the customer area, and me picking up wherever anyone needed an extra set of tiny hands.

Everyone did a wonderful job and was so supportive and energetic the whole time -- teamwork times five, man. Nothin' like it on earth.

Lovely work, fellas!

Derek prepares to pounce on James I guess.

I am making sure all the tables are straight!

Look at the bounty James found under the ice machine! Oh boy!

The key to this cleaning party was to pretty much take a number of our staff and have them do things that reinforce the importance of the daily cleaning tasks -- such as picking garbage up off the floor so that there isn't a Mt. Kilimanjaro of discarded cups under the ice machine in two months. I also got to talk to them about things I do right and wrong as a manager. Not to mention we also got to drink and gossip and laugh and listen to music.

The most important ingredient to ensuring you have a successful cleaning party. No, the beer, silly! The beer!

The second important ingredient. No, the music! Jeez!

For at least an hour of this adventure in teamwork and cleanliness, Derek had us listening to Wings. For the duration I believe we enjoyed some Michael Jackson, peppered with Donna Summer, Flock of Seagulls and America. Who let him & me choose the music?! Honestly people, will you ever learn!?

"Don't call me Jim."

No, really. Don't call him Jim. He hates that.

This is my happy clean-store manager face.

Git on up thurr, shorty!

So, that's that! Man, totally awesome! Who's ready to serve some freaking coffee up in here?!