There's hope yet!

For some reason, despite having lived in the Greater Boston area for five-ish years, I don't think I had ever had espresso from Davis Square's Diesel Cafe before.

That is, until yesterday.

The last stop on a mini-mini tour of some (never-to-be-named by me) Beantown espresso joints, I wasn't really sure what to expect, even despite the fact that Diesel has long been one of my coffee shop all-stars. I mean, really, my caffeine companion and myself choked down some watery, bitter, overextracted nonsense at some of the other e-bars around town, so our expectations were, sadly, pretty low.

But that wasn't the case this time, my friends -- we needn't have worried! The shots here in Somerville had body! real crema! flavor! smoothness! At last!

After years of enduring sub-par stuff around town, it was such a relief to be served something that not only actually tasted and felt like espresso, but that was also pulled with care. Bold and rich, this was one premium, unleaded ristretto, lemme tell you.

Get thee on the Red Line, New England pals! You can thank me later!