Whirl wind? You betcha

A pal recently sent me a link to this little guy, and I thought it was worth sharing with all five of you who read this thing. Technology is so fascinating, isn't it? Friend, or foe? I pose this question earnestly, I really do.

And so, readers of the Press Pot, it gives me a great deal of agita to introduce to you the self-stirring Whirl Wind cup.

"In addition, the Whirl Wind cup can be worked as a small stirring machine. It's helpful to make a cake."

No, really. It's a cup that stirs its own contents. You push a button, and it swirls the coffee around like so much backwash in a Big Gulp. I'm not kidding! See for yourself!

Talk about absolutely bonkers. I guess everybody always says that machines will replace humans, but really? Is stirring too hard? Take up too much time? I'm confused.

And am I getting defensive about it because some secret part of me actually kind of wants one? That's always the way it goes.

Anyway, whatever, let's see one of those stupid things make this: