Lonelyville, Brooklyn

Yesterday was more or less the perfect day, coffee-wise and other-wise.

Inspired by the spring breeze and the beginning of a 4-day "vacation" from work, I took a long stroll down the less-than-scenic Brooklyn thoroughfare of Coney Island Avenue and on to Prospect Park Southwest to check out a brand-spanking-new coffee shop in Windsor Terrace: Lonelyville Coffee.

Click photo for larger version.

All of three weeks old, Lonelyville is a beautiful, sunny little shop right on Prospect Park. Owners Kitty & Sara obviously have a keen eye for design -- the vintage thermos collection that lines the walls, old-fashioned candy jars that sit above the milk station and sturdy old window booths give the space a charming, 1950s ice cream shop feel with which I immediately fell in love.

What's more, my iced latte & chocolate banana muffin not only hit the spot, but also gave me energy enough to go play in the park. (And play we did, when my friends Aden & Adam met me, first for coffee and iced cream, and then a nice long walk down to Fifth Avenue in Park Slope for margaritas. Doesn't get much better than that, friends!)

Adam discusses the merits of "Dark Side of the Moon" while happily downing an iced coffee. I prefer "Wish You Were Here," myself.

Aden, aside from being a ham, enjoyed his iced coffee too -- and he's not usually a big coffee drinker! Pretty momentous.

So welcome Lonelyville to Brooklyn, local pals and coffee fans! And watch for future developments, including a garden and a beer & liquor license! Hooray!