Taking some time out for Time Out

Well, it may seem as though I'm slagging a little bit in the blog department, and that would be more or less correct. Not because I don't care, dear readers, but because I'm up-to-my-eyeballs busy making sure a certain Manhattan coffee shop runs as smoothly as possible, despite the ever-increasing foot traffic that snakes its way through the door and up to the counter.

Speaking of which, not only was today the busiest day in Joe history so far, it also marks the receipt of our second-ever Time Out New York Eat Out Award, and we couldn't be more proud!

This year we've been given the honor of Best Non-Chain Coffee Shop, and we were in really great company with the other nominees. So a big thank you to everybody who voted for us, and congratulations to the other shops and restaurants that were recognized! We should all be equally tickled pink, on cloud 9, etc.

Now, although this blog really has very little to do with Joe, officially -- it's really just funny little me going on about coffee like a nerd -- I will take this moment to say that I am so pleased to work with the wonderful people I do, and to serve the wonderful customers that I do, and to pretty much have the perfect job, making coffee and talking to interesting folks.

Oh heck, I'm getting all cheesy again. Sorry! I can't help it!

In the meantime, back on earth, we Joe-ites have a plethora of people to keep happy, and the stack of drink orders is piling up by the minute, like so:

But I'll be back to the actual blogging-board in no time, just you wait.