Wishing you a peaceful holiday(s)!

Well, here we are under these blue New York skies, breaking out the shorter-sleeved shirts and making all those big, fun Spring changes. Somebody order more iced cups -- it's gonna be a hot one!

To ring in the new season (among other things), Joe has gone and celebrated with something old:

...and something new:

That's right, folks -- we at the 13th Street location (the store I manage) have gone back to split-shot portafilters from the bottomless ones (more on this later), and them geniuses over at the Waverly store went and got themselves a lovely new two-group Synesso.

I've only had a chance to play on the new machine once (and not very well, to be honest -- there's a lot to get used to), but I see great things in the future for that machine and those baristi.

Speaking of baristi, the boys of the Waverly Joe also scored themselves a rather flattering CraigsList "Missed Connection," which I'm not above admitting makes me a little jealous. Keep being cute, you guys -- you're doing great!

Happy Spring, everybody!