Drinking joe and Coca-Cola

Tonight found me sitting completely stretched out on the couch enjoying the surprisingly delightful combination of Coke Blak & DVDs of the Judy Garland Show.

Coke Blak, for those of you who have missed its somewhat unlikely advertising, is a "fusion beverage" that combines the Coke-ness of Coke with coffee essences -- presumably to give the impression that the thing is jam-packed with caffeine.

Ok, you're not going to believe me, but this "Blak" stuff -- despite the infuriatingly "cute" misspelled name -- is actually sort of good! It's like having a Coke float with vaguely-coffee-flavored iced cream, minus the fun of getting to eat iced cream that's floating in soda. Which is to say that the connection between the actual flavor and the "essence" that Coca-Cola company scientists claim to have extracted from "coffee" is tenuous at best, but who in their right mind would look to a soft drink for the genuine article in the first place, right? In the meantime, consider it a strange little treat.

As for the Judy Show -- need you ask? It was spectacular.