As things get crazier (and curiouser) in the shops with the beautiful weather—oh my G-d, have you been outside today?!—it gets a little harder to keep morale up. You know, when you're working seven hours straight on bar and your feet are barking and there's a line to the door and it's 75 degrees out and you're stuck inside making large nonfat Americano au laits.

Wait! Americano au lait? Let me just mark that one down on my...

Joe Bingo

Joe BINGO Card! (Click here for a bigger version)

Everyone seemed to really like playing, and I'm thinking of transforming it into a monthly company-wide event: First person to get BINGO wins ... something awesome!

Speaking of awesome, good luck at the NERBC and MARBC this week, everybody who's going! Take a buncha photos!