All I've wanted to do in the past week is post a new blog entry!

Ok, I've also wanted to sleep past 9am, sit in the park, drink wine outside at night, wear ugly sunglasses, smooch, write actual letters and take long walks. Spring fever, I guess.

But all that will have to wait, because now it's blog-entry-time.

Back Light

International hoparound Tim Williams (seen inspecting the cups at Gimme! Coffee, above), visited our fair city last week from his London base, where he is turning out some Australian-style specialty stuff (dude's a transplanted Aussie).

Among other things, he finally explained the difference between a flat white and a latte, which has had us baffled at Joe and, no doubt, disappointing the heck out of our antipodean regulars for ages now.

According to my man here, a flat white is served in a smaller vessel (215-240mL, and always a china cup) than a latte , which is served in a specific glass. Neat!

Thanks for visiting, Tim! Can't wait to see you on your own turf wunna these days.