Domingo! Domingo! Domingo!

Starting this Sunday, we've got a new employee enrichment program here at Joe: A casual and friendly look at some of the great coffees from roasters around the country.

Each week, yours truly will pick two coffees from different origins and roasting labs to put into the press pots at the Waverly Place location of Joe, and our entire staff is invited to come and expand their knowledge and appreciation of what different professionals are doing with our favorite little beaners from around the world.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

On deck this Sunday: Counter Culture Coffee's East Timor (Maubesse) and Novo Coffee's Ethiopia (Adado-Abeba), both acquired from our friend Caroline at Cafe Grumpy.

It's time to broaden horizons! Experience different taste sensations! Maybe drink coffee outside in the sunshine with our big goofy sunglasses on! Which means we can probably also play with all the dogs that pass by! Oh, and also, it's educational.

Full report to follow, and who knows: maybe we'll be able to open the invitation to our shot-slinging friends at Gimme!, Grumpy, 9th St, Oslo and wherever else.

Until then, these two little bags will sit unmolested and fragrant in my kitchen, where I will look at them longingly until their big break comes. Sigh...