Something brewing

Dear readers, I have some news. I guess to say it wasn't inevitable would be a little silly, but it's still something of a shock to even me.

I got a full-time, non-coffee job at my other workplace, Time Out NY. A week from tomorrow, I will be essentially knocking out my last espresso pucks for my last round of customers. I will certainly make my last granita (not that I don't love making…no, I don't, I can't even pretend). I will accept my last tips. At least for now.


Good Luck Chucks

…I will occasionally wear Chuck Taylors that don't smell like old milk. Big time!

No, friends, I'm not giving up on coffee completely; I'm just moving in a different direction for a while. I'll still do some training and consulting, I'll still blog occasionally (though probably even more occasionally than I do now, which must sound somewhat ridiculous), and I'll continue to be passionate, informed and excited to learn about as much as I can about this stuff.

It's actually been a lot harder to make this decision and transition than I thought; the day I accepted the job, I sat at my desk long after my colleagues had left and had a good little cry. I've been a barista for seven years; my tamping arm is going to atrophy! This has been as much a part of my life and my identity as my Jersey accent and my weirdly overwhelming love for Judy Garland. It's seen me through every major relationship I've had, and it's directly responsible for the true and lasting love I've found.

Oh, heavens. Listen to me go on.

Anyway, thank goodness I live so near Grumpy; at least I can still have wunna these almost any time I want:

Ed Rules

Peace and portafilters,