More Mary Please

Longing for some mindless recreation tonight after a (not at all long, the hours actually fly) day of copy editing, I flicked on the TV, which I really rarely do.

But oh! What a fortuitous moment to be channel surfing, because I love The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and lo and behold, there it was on some channel I didn't even know we had (who the heck can keep track these days—did you know there were like four VH1s, for instance?).

I've always aspired to be like Mary Tyler Moore (or, I suppose, Mary Richards), and now I know why:

Mary is a Genius

Not only is she an ambitious and independent modern career woman, she apparently knows how to make a brilliant cup of coffee! Nice Chemex, Mary. I just got a second one for Christmas! Birds of a feather? (In my dreams.)


What do you think she's got in there, a nice Sulawesi perhaps? Papa New Guinea? Kenya AA? Wouldn't be surprised; she's a smart cookie, that one.