She's alive! ALIVE!

It's true, friends. I'm still among the living, breathing, coffee-drinking masses. I've just been busy spending the vast majority of my time building a website (yes, coffee related), and the remainder on Barista Exchange, which is my brand-new obsesh.

[Elapsed time: six minutes]

Just as I was composing this update, a coworker came over and commented rather delightedly on the I HEART ESPRESSO pin I have tacked up in my pod. Suddenly I feel like chairman of the board of coffee dweebs. But at least I've found a fellow traveler!

The only coffee pod I'll endorse
What you can't see are the Gimme! sticker; postcards of Judy Garland, Truman Capote and Buster Keaton; and my Milhouse-adorned Nalgene bottle.

You can take the girl out of the cafĂ©…